Crafting Atlanta's Skylines: The Timeless Legacy of Randall Brothers

Randall Brothers: Building Atlanta's Wood Legacy

For over a century, Randall Brothers has stood as a trusted name in the lumber industry, offering top-tier building supplies and materials to residents throughout the Greater Metro-Atlanta Area. With a captivating history steeped in excellence, Randall Brothers welcomes seasoned builders, crafty contractors, and spirited DIY homeowners to explore our legacy.

A Storied Beginning

Imagine this: a cart laden with firewood, a trusty mule, and the birth of Randall Brothers. Harvey Gatewood Randall, the visionary behind it all, embarked on this journey on his 21st birthday, and triumphed. Initially, it was Harvey, along with his brothers W.L. and Paul H., and they christened their venture Randall & Brothers. In 1919, they formalized their commitment, becoming Randall Brothers Inc. Remarkably, they remained rooted in the same location, at the corner of North Ave and Marietta Street, for an astounding 138 years. During this time, Randall Brothers explored various offerings, even venturing into firewood and coal sales for a time!

Passing Down the Legacy

In 1933, H.G. Randall passed away, and the torch was entrusted to his son, Luther H. Randall. Luther navigated turbulent waters, including the challenges of World War II. To adapt, the company acquired Narjoe Timber, a fellow Atlanta enterprise, to steer through the chaos of the wartime market. Fast forward to the late 1940s, with the advent of natural gas. Randall Brothers seized the opportunity, expanding to offer heating and air conditioning installation services, building on their foundation in firewood and coal. By 1960, Luther Randall Jr. took the reins, leading the way into the late 1980s when his son, Luther Randall III, assumed leadership. It was during this era that Randall Brothers evolved into the form recognizable to Atlanteans today.

Why Choose Us?

It's simple! "Unparalleled Selection and Expertise"

While our product offerings have transformed over time, our unwavering commitment to delivering the finest products with an exceptional experience remains unchanged. Today, at any of our three metro Atlanta branches, you'll discover an extensive range of offerings from industry giants (see their logos below!). Our approachable sales team boasts encyclopedic knowledge dating back to the early 1960s, covering every facet of the industry. Whether you seek advice on installation, application, navigating the bidding process, or even tracking down that elusive item from the early 1900s, consider us your trusted advisors!

Looking Forward to a Bright Future!

As we gaze ahead, our vision shines bright: we aspire to become the driving force behind Atlanta's building and renovation endeavors. Join us in shaping a future where Randall Brothers symbolizes excellence in construction and transformation.

Come join us, and let's embark on the journey of building something extraordinary together!

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